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Ryan Paul Antony x LAEX TAN

If you're looking to bring that glamorous Ascot vibe to your home, this will be the product for you. An easy to use self tan spray, perfect for both men and women, we've got you covered!

Ryan Paul Antony has worked extremely hard through 2019 to create a vegan, cruelty free flawless self tan spray, to suit all skin tones. Using a luxurious mango infused solution, you can be sure you won't get the usual "biscuit" smell, like you do with other brands.

Here, we have the easiest fake tan on the market which requires no rubbing or blending - you don't even need a mitt! It's innovative system is designed to deliver a very fine mist to the skin, allowing each and every one of you to achieve that flawless, golden look.

"If in doubt, tan!"

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