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How To Promote My Spray Tanning Business?

Posted by Kirstie Clarke on

So you've completed your Accredited Spray Tanning Course and now you need to find clients? Somehow you need to tell the world and his wife about this new fantastic service you're offering and you don’t really know where to start? Tip number one - not promoting your service or salon is like going to the Sahara desert and expecting customers to find you - it's never going to happen!

We've tried to put some simple ideas together on how both salons and mobile technicians can increase revenue and footfall.

Festival Tans

There's festivals all over the UK throughout the summer and this gives everyone a reason to whip off their clothes and put on their sun dresses, flip flops, shorts and skirts. Ideal for hiding stretch marks and blemishes, a summer glow will boost confidence levels to an all time high. No-one turns up to a festival on their own, so use your upselling skills to book friends and family members in too. Pop some music on during your treatment and so you're customers will already be in festival mode.

Bridal Tans

NO bride wants to be a pale gale and EVERY bride wants to feel like a princess at every and any opportunity, so why not offer 'fake tan fittings' that run over your brides' dress fitting period. For every dress fitting, book in a spray tan so your bride gets a real feel for what she will look like on her big day. Whilst you're building a relationship with your bride, don't forget to book the rest of the bridal party in too!

Graduation Tans

So, after working really hard for the past 2/3 years, your client is now about to graduate? This will be a memory your clients hold on to for the rest of their lives! Don't go too dark because when they're showing off their graduation photos to their grandchildren, they will not thank you in 40 years time for making them look like an umpa lumpa! Just a subtle, sun kissed glow will work perfectly with a mortar board and gown!

Pre-Holiday Tans

We all go on holiday to get a tan but we don't want to go to the beach until we have a tan - crazy, right? Take advantage of pre-holidays tans as they are more popular than expected. Remind your customers that they can still tan, whilst wearing fake tan. You might want to upgrade them to a specialised contour tan to create the illusion of a more defined and toned physique.



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