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Why Do Fake Tan Users Use Fake Tan?

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Whether it's spray tans or self tan, understanding why your customer uses fake tan is imperative for your spray tanning business. After extensive research, we want to share with you our top reasons why both women and men choose to use fake tan. Over the years, perceptions of tan has fluctuated. In the Victorian age, dark skin was a sign of toiling in the fields and the upper class would do things to indicate they were above and beyond work. A tan signified that you were a worker. This changed in 1920's when tanned skin became a look that was...

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Fast Tan For Last Minute Clients | LAEX TAN

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Ensure you’ve always got a Fast Tan Solution supply tucked away in your spray tan bag and be sure to never disappoint any customers.

With our LAEX TAN Fast Acting Solution, client’s can wash their spray tan off within just 2 hours and then let it develop over an 8 hour period. Sounds too good to be true, right?

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