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LAEX TAN 3x100ml Spray Tan Solution Sample Pack

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An amazing opportunity to try out our amazing solutions baby powder without committing to a larger bottle!

Our LAEX TAN Spray Tan Solution sample packs consist of 1x6%, 1x10% & 1x14% so you have the opportunity to test out a light, medium and darker tan with our solutions.

✔️ Vegan & cruelty free

✔️No alcohol or parabens

✔️Mango infused (tinted range)

✔️Baby powder infused (non tinted/clear tan range)

✔️Contain Aloe Vera to help moisturise the skin as well as tanning 

✔️Fast drying & non streaky formulation 

✔️Benefits from naturally derived organic ingredients 

✔️Sample pack includes 1 light, 1 medium and 1 dark shade so you get a feel for what our range is like


Our regular solution range is mango fragranced which sets us apart from the rest. Our clear solution range, featured in National Weddings Magazine 2018 is baby powder fragranced and we’re sure that together with your expertise, your customers will sure be satisfied!

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