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Our No Secret Approach To Gaining New Customers | LAEX TAN

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Our No Secret Approach To Gaining New Customers

The aim of this article is to help you understand how to market yourself and get your first 10 customers.

As we know social media plays a massive part in all industries in this day and age and we want to share with you our no secret approach on how to get your first 10 customers.

Be passionate

Be passionate about what you’re doing, the products you’re using, the service you’re promoting and basically EVERYTHING that you are asking your potential customers to buy in to. If you are not 100% passionate about your product or service, there’s no way your potential customers are going to be passionate either! We supply logos, a free support groups, photos that you can use and advise at hand, once you’ve completed one of our courses. Use all materials provided.

Warm links

We refer to warm links as friends and family. Once you’ve passed your accredited spray tan course, contact your friends and family to come and have a free spray tan. If you don’t want to tan them for free, that’s fine, charge them at a  reduced rate. Take advantage of this opportunity and get lots of feedback and photos. You ideally want to know how long the tan lasts, how the customer felt throughout the 8 hour developing period, what was the colour like when it was washed off, how long did it take for the colour to fade – you need to know EVERYTHING! Ask your friends and family to make a post every now and then about you and your spray tanning business and if they don’t want to do that, ask them to share your posts so their network have the opportunity to see your work. If you don’t do basic research at the beginning of your spray tan journey, you are setting yourself up to fail.

Identify your target market

As a spray tan technician, you need to figure out who is currently in your network and who or what age range will use spray tans on a long-term basis. Customers as young as 13/14 years will have a spray tan (with parental consent!) and you’ll find you will have customers up to 70/75 years young too. Don’t get discouraged if a customer has a tan once and never returns. You need to understand your customers spray tanning needs. For example, some customers like to have a tan weekly, two weekly, monthly or on an ad hoc basis for special events. Figure out who you have around you – do you have a little brother or sister in their last year of school? Are you a college student and have lots of 16-19 year olds around you? Are you a mature adult that has lots of other mature adults around you? Working out your audience will work out how to market your tans, work out offers and how is best to get the message across that you are now the person they should all come to for their spray tans.


Social Media

Never underestimate the power of social media – our company has been built on social media for the past 2, nearly 3 years. If someone loses their dog, they’ll post it on Facebook. If someone finds a dog, they’ll post it on Facebook. If someone wants to find someone that can do them a spray tan, they’ll ask on Facebook. See what’s happening here? Social media is a free powerful tool and what you need to use it for, it’s also pretty easy to use. You want to create a lasting impression on your followers so it’s best you share ALL of your work and watch your engagement grow.

Take as many pictures as you can – you don’t necessarily have to take photos of your half naked customers; just a tan line will do. Make a Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat account and start to follow people in your area – you can start with your friends and family. Sharing your work on social media is a great way to stay in front of your customers and reach an untapped pool of new clients.

Facebook - Set yourself a goal every day to add X amount of new clients. You need to do what is workable for you. Your goals need to be S.M.A.R.T – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time managed. There’s absolutely no point saying you will add 50 people per day on your Facebook if you tend to get bored after 20 – makes your goals realistic and achievable.

You could also run a free giveaway (free tan) or a “money off” period whilst you’re getting on your feet. EVERYONE loves a bargain, and EVERYONE loves a freebie. For what you will get in return, a free tan is nothing to give away if it is going to boost your clientele.

Think long term – how much revenue will one customer bring in over 12 months, assuming they have a tan every week? That’s £15 (average price) multiplied by 52 - £780 over a 1 year period, off 1 customer. So now picture yourself with 10 regular clients that tan weekly. That’s £7800 per year. It’s not unachievable – in fact, its more than achievable.

Another good marketing tool on Facebook is the “share” button – ask your followers to share your posts. Even if one person off their friends list sees it and is interested, it’s an enormous gain for you. The circle will keep circling, for as long as you are consistent with how you market yourself and your spray tanning business on Facebook.

Instagram – Again, set yourself a goal everyday of how many new people you wish to follow, whilst ensuring your goals follow the S.M.A.R.T principle. Find out your local landmarks and type that place in the “tag” section to see who has tagged themselves in to that landmark. It could be your local nightclub or even your local Pizza Hut. As soon as these potential customers start to follow you back, go through their friends list and follow everyone that appear to fit your target audience.

On some Instagram accounts, you’ll see that people tend to put in their bio what city or town they live in – this will help you determine the customers location and if they are of any relevance to you. There’s no point adding people that live 200 miles away as the chances of you going to tan them are very slim! Remember to post on your “story” too – Instagram stories are an effective way to figure out how many people see what you’re posting. If you have a business Instagram account, you can also tap on the “insights” tab to see how many visits your profile is getting, how many people have clicked on the directions tab or email etc. Keeping a tab on your analytics is always great for any business you’re in as you can measure against performance.

Free giveaways are also very effective on Instagram. Simply make a post which shows the rules for the free giveaway and let your followers enter. It could something like “tag 3 friends, follow me and repost” This way you’re getting more followers, more people are getting tagged on your page, meaning more awareness and by reposting, your giveaway is now being seen by your followers’ network too. Get in to the habit of thinking long term – if 10 people participate in your giveaway, how many more followers will you get? And how many more accounts are going to see your page? Whether it be reposted on an entrant’s page from the giveaway or they could have been tagged in your post – its endless.

Work with other businesses – Firstly, do your research and figure out what salons or beauticians in your local area are NOT offering spray tans. Contact them, find out a bit about them and if they’re happy to work with you, you could perhaps start sharing each other’s work. This is a win win for both parties. That opens you up to more networks and this time round, there will be customers’ in a salons network that pay to have beauty treatments, which is exactly what you need. You could also find a local nail technician and run a joint offer or competition with them, for example, nails and a tan for £XXX.

Then, look at any other business who’s target audience may be the same as yours – clothing stores, make up artists, footwear boutiques etc Smaller, growing companies will bring lots to the table, as you will for them. Always remember you are not in this alone. There will always be lots more individuals and companies that are keen to work with others to promote their business.

You could drop in some leaflets or ask to be featured on their leaflets and share the cost. Hand in posters or business cards, if they’re happy to have them on show at the till area or even hand them out. If the salon or business you decide to collaborate with are tech savvy, you could also ask to be featured on their e-newsletter.

We’d highly recommend you make new social media profiles, strictly for your tanning business so you can leave them open to the public. You can’t possibly expect new customers to fid you if they can’t see anything on your page.

Online Business Directories – Everything is moving online these days so it’s rare you’ll find anyone that still uses the Yellow Pages and Thomson Local to look up businesses. Today’s searchers use Google or social media to find what they want, which is why it is imperative that you appear in the top searches. Some examples of where your business should be listed are Google, Bing, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook @ YellowPages.com.

Take some time out and sit and register for business, for free, on online directories to increases your discoverability. Clients/buyers/your customers are cautious, we all are! Having a strong online reputation will help you be seen as a reliable, trustworthy business. Most directories have customer review/feedback area too – make use of them and ask your customers to review you. We have found that having your business listed in these directories shows your not a small business hiding behind a Facebook page – it strengthens your reputation. The more opportunities you give yourself to be found, the more likely customers are going to find you.

Fundamental MUST DO’s

  • Ensure your telephone number and email are consistent throughout all social media pages, leaflets and online directories. Keep everything uniformed.
  • Make sure your business name is easy to pronounce.
  • If you work unsociable hours or weekends, tell the world about it!
  • Measure your results with Google Analytics – its free. You also want a healthy balance between new and returning clients.
  • Include prices on everything that you post – customers like to know what to expect to pay before enquiring.
  • Keep EVERYTHING in a diary. Write down what shade tan your clients had on their last visit with you so you know roughly what sort of look they like.
  • ENJOY TANNING! Lots of research and work needs to be done to begin with but keep going. You WILL get there as long as you remain consistent.



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