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How To Prepare For Fake Tanning | LAEX TAN

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Whether you’re having a spray tan or you’re planning of self tanning at home, preparation is key in achieving a beautifully bronzed tan. We’ve put together some simple tips and tricks so your skin will be looking flawless in no time.

You’ll need to start by shaving or waxing around 24 hours prior to your tan as you need to allow enough time for your pores to close. If you don’t allow enough time between the time when you shave or wax to the time you fake tan, you could potentially be getting tan in your pores. Once your pores close, there’s no way of getting the tan out until the next time you shave, wax or exfoliate!

Exfoliating is an absolute MUST before applying fake tan to the skin. On average, your skin sheds every 5-7 days so it’s important to exfoliate around 24 hours prior to applying fake tan to clear the skin from any dead cells and to allow the tan to sit on new soft skin. Pay particular attention to dry areas like the elbows, knees and ankles and ensure all dead skin has been removed.

Hand and toe nails need painting to avoid staining the nail and cuticles. If you wear acrylics, gel or shellac, that will be fine. If you don’t usually wear nail varnish, that is also fine. A clear varnish will do, as long as the natural nails on the hands and feet are covered, no staining will occur.

Lastly, avoid using any deodorant, perfume, body spray, literally anything on your skin. You need freshly bathed skin when applying fake tan for a number of reasons. Some creams can act as a barrier so the tan will not actually reach the skin. Anything with alcohol will react to the DHA in the tan, causing that area to go green. If you accidentally leave your deodorant on when tanning, expect your arm pits to turn green - don’t worry, they will go brown eventually, it’s just the instant react between the DHA in the tan and the alcohol in the deodorant.

Providing you follow the points above, you should have fresh, new soft skin ready for your fake tan to be applied.

For tips on how to look after your tan once applied, see our “How to look after your skin once tanned..” blog.

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