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Fast Tan For Last Minute Clients | LAEX TAN

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There’s always someone that has no time to book in for an appointment but needs tanning before.. tonight?!

Well, who are we to say no?

Ensure you’ve always got a Fast Tan Solution supply tucked away in your spray tan bag and be sure to never disappoint any customers.

With our LAEX TAN Fast Acting Solution, client’s can wash their spray tan off within just 2 hours and then let it develop over an 8 hour period. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Our Fast Tan has faster acting DHA than a normal spray tanning solution, meaning clients don’t need to leave it on for the full 8 hours for it to develop. For a lighter tan, we recommend it’s washed off after around 2 hours, for a medium tan, 3 hours and for a darker tan, 4 hours. The tan will still need the full developing time before your final colour will develop but the beauty of our Fast Tan is being able to let customers wash it off sooner so they can get on with other things on their busy day.

So, who uses Fast Tan?

Being one of our most popular solutions, Fast Tan is used by a wide range of customers. Here are just a few:

-Those that just don’t like sleeping in tan choose to have a Fast Tan so they can wash their Tan off before they go to bed.

-Those that have last minute plans and can’t get an appointment with their spray tan technical any sooner.

-Those that have young babies or children that tend to sleep in the same bed.

Applied in the same way as any other spray tan solution, Fast Tan is the perfect addition to a technicians spray tan bag.

For more information on pricing and how to purchase, please see our product page.




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