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Why Do Fake Tan Users Use Fake Tan?

Posted by Kirstie Clarke on

Whether it's spray tans or self tan, understanding why your customer uses fake tan is imperative for your spray tanning business. After extensive research, we want to share with you our top reasons why both women and men choose to use fake tan. Over the years, perceptions of tan has fluctuated. In the Victorian age, dark skin was a sign of toiling in the fields and the upper class would do things to indicate they were above and beyond work. A tan signified that you were a worker. This changed in 1920's when tanned skin became a look that was thought to signify health and vitality.

There's absolutely no doubt that tanned skin makes everyone look better and feel more confident and desirable. You will feel great when you look great - it's as simple as that. "I want a tall, pale, handsome man" said no one ever! A well applied sunless tan can also even out skin tones, cover up blemishes and in some cases, stretch marks too.

Women always want to look slimmer so tanning is a great option. Men always want their muscles to look more prominent so if you find a spray tan technician that is trained in contour tanning, they will be able to make the stomach appear more toned and shape the arms to make them look leaner, along with more body sculpting, creating the illusion of a more defined and toned physique.

Lots of people use fake tan on a weekly basis, some two weekly or monthly and others as and when they have a special event. It could be a first date, a birthday, wedding, night out with your friends or any other type of event - We all want to look and feel our best, and for most, fake tanning is the answer.

Long gone are the days where you'd sit in the sun, longing for that deep, dark, gorgeous tan. Why sit baking for hours when you can have a spray tan in less than 10 minutes or self tan in the comfort of your own home, with instant results? Regardless of the time of year, both women and men are sporting rich, dark hued complexions on what would otherwise be pale faces, without the risk of developing a "leathery look".

100% UV free, we believe fake tanning products are definitely the safest option for gorgeous bronzed skin. 

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