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Bridal Tanning | LAEX TAN

Posted by Stacey Smith on

The pressure is on. We all know the brides’ tan has got to be perfect for the all important day! Then there’s the bridesmaids, the in laws, before you know it you’re tanning the whole bridal party...

Long gone are the days where you avoided using fake tan for weddings, whether it be spray tans, self tan mousses, lotions, anything. It was just a no go. We all had the fear of clothes being ruined and the obvious disasters. “What if I go too dark?” Or “What if it stains my dress?”

But, new technology allows us to cater for all with clear tanning solutions. They are an absolute must have for bridal parties. Nobody wants fake tan residue left on their expensive gown, so a tan with a clear guide colour is the perfect option, and for some, the only option!

So, where do you start?

Definitely 24-48 hours before the big day and ensure your clients have exfoliated and shaved or waxed beforehand to ensure all dead skin cells have been removed, pores are closed and you’re tanning on new, soft skin.

LAEX TAN CLEAR Spray Tanning Solution sprays on clear, washes off clear and turns your customer lovely and brown; Magic in a bottle. It has been developed for the purpose of bridal clients, eliminating the risk of tan transferring on to their beautiful wedding gowns. Yes, it will be more difficult to see the tan spraying on to your client, but for an amazing end result it’s definitely worth it! 

With a subtle baby powder fragrance and 5 different shades to choose from, you can be sure your bridal parties will not be disappointed. From 6% with pink undertones to 14% with caramel undertones, you can be certain there’s something in the LAEX TAN bridal range for every skin tone.

Each and every LAEX TAN Spray Tan Solution are fast drying, alcohol and paraben free, non streaky and also fast developing - everything a technician needs and wants in a tan.

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